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Starting out doing free (not free-lance) graphic design for non-profit organizations, I quickly developed an ability to design quickly, accurately, and with a primary motivation to please the client.  After all... my motivation couldn’t have been for financial gain because there was no money to gain :).  This unique start dramatically shaped my character and vision for a business.   I really do work hard to design great things for you and this is what brings me satisfaction, not receiving a paycheck.  It has been my experience with other peers in the industry that this is a radical approach and is not shared by many. After a demand for my services spilled out of the non-profit sector, I started my first graphic design business in Syracuse NY.  I threw myself into the lions den but my naivety to the business world actually stoked my entrepreneurial endeavors and I learned quickly and began to grow. Three years into the business, I moved my family (wife and young son) and business to my hometown of Lebanon, Pennsylvania which is central to Harrisburg, Reading, and Lancaster. I own Roark Graphics and I’m the primary operator, but I’m proud to partner with talented people and organizations all around United States to bring exceptional value to my clients.  This is the reason why I often use the term “we”, or “our” when referring to the business.  Having this diverse approach grants access to everything from creative college grads, to multi-million dollar tools like digital offset printers and robust hosting servers.  With over 6 years of success, the business continues to grow and I’m loving working with a great mix of clients from all over the United States.  Please take a moment to check out the portfolio page or use the quote form to request a service.  I look forward to hearing from you!
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